You’ve Been Egged :: Spread Some Spring Joy (Includes Free Printable)


It’s the perfect time of year to egg your friends and neighbors. No, not THAT kind of “egg.” We’re talking about the fun kind of “egg.” Leave a fun “you’ve been egged” surprise in your friends’ and neighbors’ yard to spread some joy this Easter season.

How to Create a “You’ve Got Egged” Surprise

Wait until after it gets dark or when they are not home to egg your friends or neighbors. Sneak over to hide eggs in their yard. And make sure to leave them a note.

We think it’s a good idea to write down the number of eggs you’ve hidden. Because who wants to find a forgotten egg in June?

This sneaky surprise is sure to bring lots of joy this season.

So if you do get egged, make sure to pass on the fun to someone else. Don’t let it die with you.

If you decide to use candy inside the eggs, make sure to be aware of food allergies. Below are some non-candy ideas to stuff those eggs with.


temporary tattoos


bouncy balls


mini bottles of bubbles

jelly bracelets

finger puppets

sticky hands

army men

fake bugs

tiny farm animals

Head the dollar store or the Target dollar section and go wild.

Download this printable to leave on your friends’ door and get excited for all the silliness that will ensue.

You've been egged, Albuquerque

Have fun egging your friends and neighbors!

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You've been egged, ABQ Mom, Easter, Albuquerque

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