A Spring Break in Albuquerque


We have spent many a spring break right here in Albuquerque! A low-key spring break often facilitates rest and sweet memories for the whole family. I’ve included local small businesses to check out and hopefully a few fresh ideas for fun things to do. Whether you’ve got older kids or little guys, I hope you’ll find some new activities you’ll enjoy together. For those of you who are not into the spring break travel insanity this year, I give you a Spring Break week in ABQ!


Today’s Big Activity: A Hike or Park Date

Strap on the shoes and get out there with the kiddos! It doesn’t have to be long or strenuous. Even 20 minutes out in nature will be a literal breath of fresh air for all of you! Check out a few of ABQ Mom’s favorite parks and hiking spots here:

Guide to Parks in the Albuquerque Area

This Hike is a Hug from Nature

“Dating” Albuquerque Helped Me Date My Spouse Again

A Guide for the East Mountain Newbie

Additionally, you can check out All Trails and search for trails by location, difficulty, etc.

Today’s Treat: Pop-Fizz

Located in the National Hispanic Cultural Center, Pop-Fizz is the PERFECT post-hike trip, especially if you chose to hike a Bosque trail! Grab some nachos, churros, paletas, or even a paleta mimosa to cool you down. There’s sure to be a treat to please every appetite and taste!

Today’s At-Home Entertainment: Art For Kids Hub

Trust me on this one! These guys are FUN and talented! Click on the link above or simply check them out on YouTube. The artist creates easy-to-follow videos that will make any kid (or parent) feel like a great cartoonist! Do this together or let your kids do it on their own. Don’t forget to grab some markers, colored pencils, clipboards, and drawing paper before you head home to draw.


Today’s Big Activity: Art Attack

Art Attack is a place where anyone can be an artist! You and your kids can each pick a pottery piece to paint. They’ve got everything from decorative pieces to usable kitchenware to figurines and more. This activity is well-suited for kids four and older. But if you have a little one who loves to sit and paint, they might find Art Attack fun as well.

Today’s Treat: Cake Fetish

Stop into this locally-owned shop for some delicious treats. They’ve even got keto-friendly desserts!

Today’s At-Home Entertainment: Games

A couple of fun games that cost absolutely nothing (but time and a little effort!) have often been our favorites. One game we’ve enjoyed, even as the boys have grown, is “hide the treasure.” One person hides something somewhere in the house while the others hide out in a closed room. The hider must give clues as to where the “treasure” is hidden as the others search. Whoever finds the treasure gets to be the next hider.

Another game we’ve played together (or the kids have played on their own) is a “capture-the-flag” of sorts. Each kid or team hides a very small object in one room of the house. The living room is ideal. Each player is also armed with a nerf gun. The players frantically search for the other team’s hidden object while dodging other players’ darts and trying to shoot others. If you get shot, you have to go touch “base” before returning to the living room. It’s good fun!

If your game cabinet needs a refresher, ABQ Mom has you covered. Check out Sara’s recommendations for games for every age group. Any one of the games listed is sure to provide a fun afternoon for you and your kiddos.


Today’s Big Activity: Outpost Ice Arena or Skidmore’s Holiday Bowl

Both of these fun venues are locally owned and operated by ABQ families. You’re sure to have a blast!

Today’s Treat: La Estrella Michoacana

La Estrella Michoacana boasts delicious, authentic Mexican desserts!

Today’s At-Home Entertainment: Books!

Take a little trip to my favorite ABQ book store, Page 1 Books, or visit your local library. New books have a way of making an afternoon go by so fast! Here are a few fun books we’ve really enjoyed together and still talk about!

Spot’s Easter Surprise (Baby to Toddler)

Silly Tails (Toddler to Elementary)

Tacky The Penguin (Preschool to Elementary)

The Wild Robot (Preschool to Elementary)

Cakes in Space (Elementary)

Wayside School Beneath the Cloud of Doom (Older Elementary)


Today’s Big Activity: Electric Playhouse

This place is absolutely amazing! Electric Playhouse is truly a blast for all ages. Every square inch of the building is used for interactive motion-censor games. You’ll play soccer on a virtual field. You can play “space invaders” by launching balls at a wall lit up by space ships. Your kids will find themselves immersed in a world of colorful light where running, jumping, leaping, and stretching are encouraged!

Today’s Treat: Two Boys Donuts

Check out Albuquerque’s most unique and amazingly delicious doughnuts!

Today’s At-Home Entertainment: Coloring Eggs

If you’d like to try a fun and different option, check out this video on how to create marbled eggs with shaving cream!


Today’s Big Activity: ABQ Bio Parks or Wildlife West Nature Park

Pack a lunch and make a day of it!  If you’ve never visited Wildlife West, let me assure you that it is worth the drive out to Edgewood.

Today’s Treat: Little Bear Coffee

Both of these wonderful locally-owned shops boast amazing coffee AND delectable pastries. Be sure to try Humble’s homemade pop-tarts!

Today’s At-Home Entertainment: Video Games

Yeah, I said it! And I’m not even a video game person. However, some of the best times and hilarious moments we’ve had as a family have occurred while playing some kind of video game. If you don’t have a gaming system, that’s okay! Play on your computers, your phone, and/or your iPad. We have especially enjoyed playing Among Us and Starblast. If you have older kids, Psych is a blast. And you really can’t beat Heads Up for full-family fun!


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