Winter Family Bucket List with Free Printable (and 5 Bonus Ideas!)


Winter is coming!

It’s my favorite time of year. Probably because snuggling under a blanket, hot tea, and reading a book is my favorite state.

But I also love all the fun things you can do around this time of year.

Are you looking for some fun activities to do with your kids this winter?

I’ve got a winter family bucket list that will give you hours of fun!

Some items cost a little bit and others are totally free.

You can download the full bucket list here. It has 24 activities to keep your family enjoying this cold but festive season.

Or make your own by downloading this blank one instead!

Sit down with your kids and brainstorm all the fun you want to have this winter.

Hang it on your fridge so when the dreaded “I’m bored” statements start popping up over break you’ve got a list of ideas ready to go.

Want a few more winter activity ideas?

Take a look at these!

Start a Family Read Aloud

I saw this on The Bump and thought it was a great idea! Find a chapter book to read as a family over a few weeks. Sit down a couple nights each week and read aloud.

It’s a great way to spend time together AND help your child’s reading skills!

Make a Winter Care Package for a Soldier

Our men and women in uniform sacrifice a lot for our country. Often that includes time away from family over the holidays.

Operation Gratitude works to send care packages to the men and women in our military and has a huge holiday campaign. Spend time one winter evening writing cards and creating a gift that will encourage a man or woman serving our country.

“Elf” Someone

This idea is kind of like getting a “boo” gift on Halloween. Make a small gift for a neighbor. It could be yummy treats, baked goods, an ornament . . . whatever you’d like.

Wrap up the gift and leave it on their doorstep. Don’t forget to leave a note encouraging them to “elf” someone else and keep the fun going!

Have a Donation Night

We accumulate a LOT over the winter holidays. It’s also a great time to get rid of some things.

Go through your rooms and find some things to give away. 

You could also try to find a local shelter or organization that would be willing to take some of your child’s gently used toys! See if they can wrap them up as gifts for the kids.

It’s a great way to encourage sharing what we have and thinking of others.

Make a Special Winter Breakfast Together

I’m all about food! And winter is the perfect time to make delicious, soul-satisfying meals.

Set aside a morning to make a yummy breakfast. I love cinnamon rolls for a special treat. 

Enjoy the time in the kitchen together and get your kids involved. Some of my favorite holiday memories involve baking with my grandma.

So what are your favorite winter activities with your kids?

Let us know!

For a few more ideas, check out this post about avoiding winter break boredom.

Originally published December 2020.

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