The Unwrapping of Belief: My Son Discovered the Truth About Santa Claus


As a parent, one of the most magical parts of Christmas is watching your child believe in the enchanting figure of Santa Claus. For years, my son eagerly wrote letters to Santa, anticipated Christmas morning, and cherished the tradition of leaving out cookies and milk for the man in the red suit. Each year, the joy on his face was priceless, especially when he found a gift under the tree that he had requested in his heartfelt letter to Santa.

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However, there comes a moment in every child’s life when the veil of innocence begins to lift and the reality behind the myth of Santa Claus unravels.

One particular year, my son, at the age of 10, wrote a heartfelt letter to Santa, hoping for one thing above all—an Xbox Series X console. He poured his heart into that letter, expressing his wishes and dreams. As a parent, I knew exactly what he wanted.

Christmas morning was filled with joy and excitement as my son unwrapped the Xbox. His eyes lit up with delight. I could see the happiness radiating from him. The day was spent setting it up, exploring games, and relishing the thrill of a new gaming console.

The Unwrapping of Belief: My Son Discovered the Truth About Santa ClausHowever, as the new year began, my son’s curiosity about his cherished gift persisted. He wanted to explore more games and learn about the console’s capabilities. Our trip to the store for new games inadvertently led to the moment that changed everything.

While discussing the source of the console in front of my son, I casually mentioned that it was bought from Best Buy. The innocent and expectant look on my son’s face quickly turned into confusion and disbelief. “I thought Santa got it for me,” he exclaimed.

Caught off guard, I stumbled over my words and finally admitted, “I am Santa.”

It was a moment that felt bittersweet—a transition from the innocence of childhood beliefs to a new understanding. My son’s questions poured out, one after another. He asked about the cookies, the milk, and even the Santa at the mall. With a mix of laughter and somberness, I revealed the truths behind each piece of the puzzle.

Surprisingly, my son’s response was not one of disappointment or resentment. Instead, he embraced the newfound knowledge with maturity beyond his years. He understood that the idea of Santa Claus was about more than just a man in a red suit—it was about the spirit of giving, kindness, and spreading joy during the holiday season.

Now, my son has taken on a new role. This year, he’s excited to become his sister’s Santa, continuing the tradition of eating the cookies and drinking the milk on Christmas Eve. It’s a beautiful evolution, watching him transition from a believer to a participant in creating the magic for someone else.

While the discovery marked the end of one chapter, it also opened the door to a different kind of magic—the magic of keeping the spirit of Santa alive by becoming a part of it. And I’ll be there, cherishing the moment, and witnessing the cycle of belief and magic in a new and heartwarming way.

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