A Local Guide to Gluten-Free Restaurants


Where are all my gluten-free mamas at?

Now I know the GF diet is all the new rave. (Or maybe it’s a necessity for you.) But it can be so intimidating making a decision to go gluten-free. It is especially not fun when you love to go out.

I truly enjoy mom’s night out with my girlfriends and don’t want to always be the boring one when it comes to choosing a restaurant. You know what I mean, right? The one who people don’t really want to invite out because they are tired of eating at the same salad place every single time. Yeah, no one wants to be “that” friend!

Luckily for us Albuquerque ladies, there are a lot of good options for us to enjoy gluten free deliciousness!

Gluten-free dining

Here is a guide to some of my favorite restaurants that have excellent choices free of gluten.

Paisanos  – The owner here has made everything on the menu available in GF. Um, yes please!

Vinaigrette – Choose from a delicious selection of salads; sweet, savory, & everything in between!

The St James Tea Room – There is a delicious spread available per seating, & they accommodate with GF treats that are equally delicious.

Grassburger – Here you can eat a delicious burger and salad and leave the gluten behind.

Farm & Table – Fresh, local, yummy food with great options for everyone.

Los Poblanos – Not only is the scenery great but the flavors of the food are awesome.

Waffleria – This restaurant serves huge portions of great food that will make you forget you are leaving something out.

Rebel Donut – A donut I can actually eat, enough said.


I am sure there are plenty more options in this fabulous city, but here are some my friends and I have loved. Check them out and let us know what you think!

Do you have other favorite restaurants with gluten-free options? Do share in the comments!


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