4 Reasons to Rent Clothes


I loved reading recent blog posts by ABQMom contributors Margo and Taylor on style tips and sustainable fashion. I also wanted to share my secret to shopping sustainably, saving money, trying new trends, and transitioning between seasons. The secret? I rent my clothes from Rent the Runway.

Here are four reasons I rent clothes:

I Can Shop Sustainably

The fashion industry is one of the largest culprits for overproduction and using up vital resources–and the excess items end up in landfills. To me, that is a pretty logical reason to implement a change in how you consume fashion. By renting clothes, fewer resources are spent on the production of new goods, and it’s a starting point for a sustainable alternative to fast fashion.

Four Reason to Rent ClothesRenting Saves Money

I spent the last three years fluctuating between a size 6 and a size 12. I was spending way too much money on buying new clothes whenever I needed something to wear. Now, I pay a flat monthly fee, and I can get two shipments per month containing four items. This means I can wear eight new pieces each month! I choose from hundreds of pieces from designers I could never afford. I can go up and down in sizes to get the perfect fit, shipping is fast and easy, and I don’t have to pay for extra dry cleaning. My experience has only been with Rent the Runway, but other rental companies have similar models.

I Can Try New Trends

If I were buying clothes and trying to save money, I would buy black. I was affectionately called “Wednesday Addams” when I was growing up because I love black clothes. Now, I rent a bright-colored blazer, a color-blocked shift dress, or even a bright yellow plaid coat without spending anything extra. Renting has allowed me to take more fashion risks and try new trends I would normally shy away from if I were purchasing the item.

Transitioning Between Seasons Is Easier

Renting coats is my absolute favorite thing in the Winter because I don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on them when the weather requires several different coats (e.g., warm overcoat, raincoat, windbreaker). In the Fall, I tend to rent sweaters and blazers for work and skirts I can wear with boots. In the Spring, I rent flowy tops and bright-colored dresses. I rent different styles of shorts, sundresses, tank tops, and fun handbags in the Summer. Also, a season doesn’t have to change for me to revamp my rentals. I will rent certain items if I’m traveling, going out to a nice dinner, or wearing something new to work.

Photo Collage from @TotalApril on Instagram

As a busy mom, you deserve to feel your best. I know how hard it can be to find your own personal style while juggling busy lives. Dressing professionally and styling myself to feel confident is a priority for me. Renting clothes has broadened my wardrobe horizons exponentially which helps me achieve that confidence.

Have you tried renting clothes? Let us know in the comments.

Originally published June 2021.

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