April Miller

April Miller
April is a wife of 19 years and mom to 2 moody teenage boys. She has lived in Albuquerque since 2015. April is passionate about wine, food, fashion, and is very open about her struggle with hair loss and wearing wigs. She watches ALL the TV and has seen every episode of Mad Men at least 7 times. When she’s not watching TV or scrolling through Instagram (@totalapril) she is a contract specialist for the federal government and likes to joke that she has Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s dream job. (Buyer, buying, to buy, etc.)
A Dry January: Why I'm Going Alcohol-Free

A Dry January: Why I’m Going Alcohol-Free

*For many people, having a healthy relationship with alcohol can be a challenge, so if this triggers you, please be cautious. Moreover, if you need help, please seek it out. Healthy Relationship with Alcohol In 2020,...
10 Wines Under $20 to Pair With Thanksgiving Dinner

10 Wines Under $20 to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

I briefly worked as a Customer Relations Manager at a wine store, and my absolute favorite day of work was the day before Thanksgiving. I loved it because I got to help the poor...
A New Stage of Motherhood: My Kids No Longer Need Me

New Stage of Motherhood: My Kids Don’t Need Me Constantly

My Kids Used to Need Me Constantly Being a mom has been a great joy and also a tremendous heartache. Reminiscing about the days when my kids were little, they needed me constantly. I was...
Female Hair Loss: My Journey to Normalize Hair Loss and Wearing Wigs, ABQ Mom

Normalizing Female Hair Loss and Wearing Wigs

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. If you are experiencing hair loss, I urge you to seek the advice and care from a medical professional. Memories of My Hair I used to have the kind...
3 no-cook dinners, ABQ Mom

No-Cook Dinners: 3 Recipes to Try When It’s Too Hot to Cook

Deciding what to make for dinner every night is exhausting. On top of that, it’s warm outside and too hot to cook. Read below to see what happened when I tried out some no-cook...
Four Reason to Rent Clothes

4 Reasons to Rent Clothes

I loved reading recent blog posts by ABQMom contributors Margo and Taylor on style tips and sustainable fashion. I also wanted to share my secret to shopping sustainably, saving money, trying new trends, and transitioning...
Five ABQ Food Trucks! - Part One

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks! – Part 1

Let’s Eat! Social distancing is getting more creative these days, and with new rules surrounding food trucks in Albuquerque, why not get out there and try some? Wear a mask and take a food tour!...
slow cooker hot chocolate

Slow Cooker Hot Chocolate

If you don't try this slow cooker hot chocolate recipe at least once this season, you are really missing out. After tasting this decadence, you'll never want the powdered stuff again. Keep these ingredients on hand...
I Am Not Bothered By Being Called a “Geriatric Millennial”

I Am Not Bothered by Being Called a “Geriatric Millennial”

Have you heard of the term “Geriatric Millennial?” I want to preface this post by saying when you were born does not reflect your worth as a person. Everyone is worthy. And everyone has traits...
Five Albuquerque Food Trucks! - Part Two

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks! – Part 2

Let’s Eat at Food Trucks! In January I wrote about Five Albuquerque Food Trucks. I readily admit that the weather got cold, and life kind of took over, but I am finally back out there...
Top 5 Reasons I Love to Travel Alone

Top 5 Reasons I Love to Travel Alone

Mom is not a travel agent or tour guide. I’ve been a mom for almost 20 years. I try to be the mom that loves family vacations and loves coordinating the itineraries. (I have some...
My Husband Changed his Career To Support Mine

My Husband Changed His Career To Support Mine

The traditional gender roles portrayed in society drive me bonkers sometimes. A few months ago, I came across a news story about a CEO who was leaving his job so his wife could pursue her...
How We've Made it to 20 Years of Marriage

How We’ve Made It to 20 Years of Marriage

What does it take to stay married for 20 years? I honestly don't know. My husband and I were married in 2001. I love him now in 2021. But I don't love him...
5 Albuquerque Food Trucks - Part 3

5 Albuquerque Food Trucks – Part 3

Let’s Eat at More Food Trucks! This year I have tried food from so many food trucks, and I am here to tell you, Albuquerque has an AMAZING food truck scene. Rarely do I get...