Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends I Found On TikTok


There are a few positive things to come out of Quarantine 2020. (Whipped coffee, Tiger King, and the ability to work in your sweats, to name just a few.)

My personal favorite has been the hit app TikTok. Need to learn a new dance? Look no further. Recipes? Check. I was also happy to find a plethora of fashion and beauty inspiration. Here are a few of the biggest fall 2020 fashion and beauty trends I found on TikTok.

Simple Gold Hoops

When I first purchased these, I was a little concerned that I’d look more like Michael Jordan or Mr. Clean than a cute fashion influencer. I was surprised by how understated, sophisticated, and dynamic they actually are. A simple hoop can elevate any outfit and is available in any price range.

Fall 2020 Fashion and Beauty Trends I Found On TikTok | ABQ MOM

Mini Cat-Eye Eyeliner

If you’re more into “natural” makeup and a normal bold cat-eye isn’t really your thing, this look is a great alternative! Use a brown or muted black eyeshadow to extend your lash line. It doesn’t have to be perfect, and it’s much easier to apply than a liquid eyeliner. (Love a quick and easy makeup look? Check out this post).

Lounge Wear

Fall fashion doesn’t have to be difficult. Cute and comfortable is in. What else is there to say? Bonus points if it’s tie-dye!

Fall 2020 Fashion and Beauty Trends I Found On TikTok | ABQ MOM

Biker Shorts

Athleisure isn’t going anywhere, and biker shorts are the latest resurgence of comfortable and functional fashion. When I wore mine for the first time, my husband asked, “Are you going to hop on your Schwinn after dinner?” I don’t own a bike (lol), but I love the longer length that biker shorts provide. They will pair really well with oversized sweatshirts and sherpas this fall.

“Fox Eye” Eyebrows

If you were to search this term, you might come across people shaving off the ends of their eyebrows to draw on a straighter and more lifted brow. That seems very extreme to me, and I honestly don’t have that level of commitment to a trendy beauty look. A safer version of the fox eye involves brushing your eyebrows upwards and filling them in creating brush strokes up towards your temples.

Tik Tok can be a great place to find fall fashion and beauty looks! If you’re interested in making all of these looks sustainable, check out this post about sustainable fashion or this post about renting your clothes.

Originally published October 2020.

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Fall Fashion and Beauty Trends I Found On TikTok

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