APS Plan for Learning for the 2020-21 School Year :: Your Questions Answered


Last night Albuquerque Public Schools Board shared their reentry plan for learning in the fall. That plan is now being sent to the Public Education Department for approval.

It’s very important to recognize that this plan can change and is dependent on the virus.

ABQ Mom shared a breakdown of some of the basics on our Facebook page last night.

This morning Interim Superintendent Scott Elder did an interview with 100.3 The Peak’s JTD to answer questions from parents and teachers.

If you weren’t able to catch the interview, we have answers to some popular questions about Albuquerque Public School’s reentry plan for learning this fall.

APS Plan for Learning :: Your Questions Answered

Is online an option for families who are not comfortable with in-person learning at this time?

Yes. Families have the option of registering in eCADEMY K-8 or eCADEMY High School, virtual magnet schools for grades K-12. Local teachers will provide instruction and APS intends to keep class sizes comparable to in-person classes.

Will teachers or parents be responsible for teaching during at-home weeks?

During fully online learning, there will be some times when students will need to be logged on for direct instruction from teachers. Teachers will provide additional work and videos for students to complete outside of direct instruction.

During hybrid learning, students will alternate weeks to keep classroom capacity at 50%. While your child is at home, teachers will be in school with the alternate set of students.For this reason, they will not be able to do direct instruction during those weeks. However, teachers will provide instruction via activities, videos, and assignments.

How will students be graded and held accountable during online learning?

Interim Superintendent Elder recognized the issues with keeping students accountable in the spring for a variety of reasons. This fall, assignments will be graded and provide accountability.

Will teachers be provided online curriculum?

There has been a variety of requests from teachers, ranging from desiring a full curriculum to advocating for the ability to create curriculum based on their knowledge and expertise.

APS is working and looking at options to provide resources for teachers while still allowing flexibility for teachers to tailor curriculum to their students.

APS Plan for Learning :: Your Questions Answered

How will Special Education students be supported in their learning?

APS is working on accommodations to help any students with specific needs, such as face shields instead of masks and the possibility of some special education students attending every day rather than bi-weekly.

What about student athletes who choose eCADEMY?

APS will be using guidance from NMAA to make decisions about student athletes. Under current NMAA guidance, student athletes who choose to attend eCADEMY will be required to play sports with their district-assigned school.

It is not clear if transfer students who choose eCADEMY will be able to play at their transfer school.

Will transfer students lose their spots at transfer schools if they choose to attend eCADEMY?

Interim Superintendent Elder didn’t have an answer for this question yet. 

He recognized the need for grace in this process and the desire of parents to ensure their children will not lose transfer spots. But the exact details and logistics of how these changes will look are still being worked out.

What if a teacher or student gets sick?

APS will be following all CDC protocols

If a teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19, the school will be closed for three days for misting via CDC guidelines. The class in contact with the infected individual will possibly have to stay home longer.

Teachers who get sick may receive up to 80 hours paid sick leave due to the Families First Coronavirus Response Act.

APS Plan for Learning :: Your Questions Answered

A few things to keep in mind as APS moves forward with their plan…

The full plan lays out protocols for online learning, hybrid learning, and reentry into fully in-person learning.

All of this is dependent on up-to-date guidelines from NMPED, the State, and state health officials.  

Interim Superintendent Elder says the move into hybrid learning may get delayed if it is deemed not safe. This plan simply gives the guidelines needed to ensure children continue to receive an education.

There are hard decisions being made each day by educators, board members, and families alike.

We at ABQ Mom are here to support you, your family, and our community during this time.

If you have questions or want more information you can see the plan as well as slides from the Board’s presentation on the APS Reentry Plan Documents website.

You can also catch the full interview on JTD’s podcast!