Moving Guide: Southeast Albuquerque


To me, Southeast Albuquerque is home. It’s full of hidden gems, and it’s so close to the mountains while still being close to the amenities of the city.

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General Neighborhood Info

The SE area is one of the most diverse areas of ABQ. You’re sure to find lots of culture and diversity! This area is close to Sandia National Labs as well as the Kirtland Air Force Base, so if you are planning on working there, the SE area will have the shortest commute.

It is more dense than other areas as well, there are about 5,274 people per square mile. (Of course, this is an estimate, and it will vary on where you live exactly.)

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The housing is less expensive in this area compared to other areas. I have seen houses from $200,000 to $500,000. The houses do go fast in this area, so if you like one–don’t be afraid to make a move! Depending on your budget, there is something here for you! There are also lots of apartment complexes if you want to rent at first.

Southeast AlbuquerqueParks, Recreation and Family Fun

Manzano Mesa Park is spacious, and it has lots of shade. There are trees and lots of covered picnic tables. There are multiple play structures and swings. It’s also close to Costco so win-win!

The New Mexico Veteran’s Memorial, conference center, and visitors center are free and the grounds are gorgeous. There are rose bushes and a lovely walking path. The visitor’s center is beautiful as well. There is also an amphitheater where there are often musical performances. The hours for the Memorial Grounds are open every day 6 am – 10 pm and the Visitor Center and Museum are open seven days a week, 9 am – 3 pm, excluding holidays.

Los Altos Park and Golf Course has lots going on. There is a pool, golf course, and park. It is under construction right now but it won’t be forever. Make sure to check it out when it’s done!

At the National Museum of Nuclear Science and History, not only will you learn about nuclear science and history, but there are decommissioned aircraft to see and lots of fun programs as well.

Roller King is a blast from the past. It was even featured in Stranger Things, so you know the 80’s vibes are legit. The prices are great for groups, and it’s a really fun party!

For older kids, Urban Air is especially fun. It’s an indoor adventure park featuring skydiving and a Sky Rider zipline! There is also an indoor trampoline park. It is on the more expensive side, but it’s worth it.

Natural Beauty

I also can’t stress enough how wonderful it is to live so close to the Sandia mountains. If you like visiting the East Mountains (which is beautifully forested and cooler in temps than Albuquerque), the SE part of town is the closest you can get. There are several hikes available depending on your skill level. Travertine Falls is a brief hike located near Tijeras. I’ve done this hike while pregnant–and it’s beautiful! Definitely worth it if you want something short and not that far out of the way. Carlito Springs is another beautiful hike.

If you want to go deep into the forest, the Tree Spring trail has you covered. This trail leads up the mountainside and the trees and views are breathtaking. This hike is a bit more challenging, but it’s worth it! And of course the iconic Tramway Trail! This trail leads you up the front of the Sandias and has great city views. It even connects to higher routes so you can climb all the way to the Tram. Then you can have a relaxing ride down.

For the best Fall foliage, the 4th of July trail is it! This hike requires a bit of a drive, but it’s beautiful. Lots of people bring dogs and their kids, and there are lots of different pathways to take.


The two biggest high schools in the Southeast area are Manzano High School and Albuquerque High. Both schools offer music programs, sports, and AP courses. There are hosts of little neighborhood elementary schools and several different middle schools as well. There are several charter school options nearby. New Mexico International School and Coral Community Charter are great charter schools.

If you’re looking for religious private schools, there are lots in the area as well! Immanuel Lutheran School and St. Paul’s are just a few.


There is a Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, and a Costco in the Southeast area! Grocery shopping is pretty accessible. It’s also close to the Coronado Mall and ABQ Uptown. Lots of places to shop and hang out.

Tramway Road on the east side of Albuquerque also provides a nice alternative to getting on I-25. You can quickly get up to the north side of town using Tramway and access all kinds of stores and restaurants. Many people also bike and run along the paved trail that runs along Tramway!

There are also a host of local restaurants! We love Cervantes Restaurant and Lounge. It’s got great food, ambiance, and price. Need I go on? It’s delicious. Stufy’s is amazing if you love sopapillas! There are two locations. One on the Westside and one on the Eastside of town. Yummi House Chinese has classic and delicious Chinese food. It’s perfect for a date night. Basil Leaf is incredibly popular for good reason. Delicious Vietnamese food including delicious Pho and Bahn Mi sandwiches. If you’re in the area, this is worth a stop!

Potential Drawbacks

While there are good schools in the area, there are also really good schools in other parts of the city, and the drive to those schools is long if you choose to go there. It is also quite a drive from the Westside to the Eastside and traffic can be bad, so if you work on the Westside, that is something to keep in mind.

Crime is also higher in this area–especially crimes regarding cars. I have never experienced anything, but that is something to keep in mind when you are choosing where to live.

Why I Love Living Here

I love the location. I get to enjoy the city while being so close to the mountains and nature. The people are down-to-earth and kind.

There are lots of inexpensive and free things to do. I’m finding new things to do all the time! I love the local libraries, the small parks as well as the big ones, and I love my neighbors.

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