Vacationing with Baby in Las Vegas


When you think of a vacation, you might think of traveling, having fun, and relaxing. But what about taking a vacation with a baby? And let alone what about taking a vacation in Las Vegas, Nevada?

Well, that’s what I did this past year. I haven’t been to Las Vegas in over five years. And because I was pregnant last year, I told my boyfriend I wanted to go on vacation to Las Vegas for my birthday. This was in October. But of course, I thought about how it would be taking my two kids with us, one of them being 10 months at the time.

I thought about the numerous times I’ve heard coworkers and friends say that parents shouldn’t take a baby on vacation.

“They won’t remember! Why go through the trouble of taking them so young?”
“It’s too much work. Why would you want to go somewhere so crowded?”
And the dreaded, “You won’t be able to stay out late or be able to have fun.”

But guess what! I knew Sin City was where I wanted to go for my birthday, and it was surprisingly pleasant. It turns out Las Vegas is full of fun kid-friendly activities, food, and entertainment. Plus, I couldn’t count the number of times people offered to open the door for us, make room in the elevator for our stroller, or enjoy some interaction with my baby girl.

However, there were a few times when the elevator had a long line and the crowds of people did not go away. So, in these moments, our only option was riding up or down the escalator which wasn’t any problem at all. Also, the Monorail that went behind the hotels helped. It saved us time by not walking long distances and gave us time to sit and enjoy the sights. Here are a few of the things we did in Vegas.

The High Roller at The Linq Hotel

This was our first stop on the first night after we checked into the hotel. And it was at that moment I knew that “Vegas” had started.

On Top of the World at The Strat Hotel

We went here for my birthday. I enjoyed our time up here because it was quiet, and we took our time eating lunch at the top.

The Fountains of Bellagio

Because we went at night, our baby girl was asleep by the time the show started. The music was the absolute best part.

Circus Acts and Arcade at the Circus Circus Hotel

This was so much fun as it reminded me of my childhood. The circus acts of trapeze, clowns, and jugglers had the whole crowd cheering.

M&M’s World by MGM Grand Hotel

This is a must-go-to store. We practically bought the whole store. And we always visit the neighboring store of Coca-Cola World. Also, we enjoyed the Hershey’s store across the street at New York, New York Hotel.

The Volcano at The Mirage Hotel

My daughter enjoyed the fire and water spouts. This was the longest walk from our hotel but the most rewarding because we were able to stop and get some refreshments at Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer. The best desserts ever!

But most of all, you just couldn’t beat the view from our hotel room at the Flamingo Hotel.

Vacationing with Baby in Las Vegas

We plan to come back to Las Vegas next spring. We also plan to visit more places, stay in a different hotel, and see one show.

The only thing I would do differently on our next family vacation is to be more prepared about scheduling feeding times for my baby. I felt like we were always on the go so we didn’t stop and rest as much as we should have. But we did travel with tons of snacks in the stroller.

My main piece of advice would be to have patience and know that all your plans may not go as planned. I accepted that before arriving in Vegas, and it made the trip so much more pleasant.

I’m happy to have made this trip come true for my family because it gave me some time away from home. I had a sense of being “myself” again. And just seeing my kid’s faces light up after seeing the amazing sights gave me peace. My son told me that he had so much fun (and that he was happy my daughter wasn’t naughty)!

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