The Morning Routine That Changes My Whole Day


I have always been somewhat of a morning person. Meaning I am not grumpy in the morning, and I don’t mind getting up out of bed. But please don’t talk to me until I have had a cup of coffee. A hot cup of coffee if I can get it.

A cup of coffee was the only priority to me in the morning. But I always felt like I was scrambling to get my kids up and out the door to school and I looked like I hadn’t slept or showered in days.

morning routine, Albuquerque Moms BlogSomeone recently told me that most successful people have a morning routine.

It clicked. Not only do I need to make a hot cup of coffee a priority for myself, but I need to have a whole morning that is a priority, things that I do to make myself ready for the day. Then maybe I wouldn’t feel like I am drowning all the time.

Our body craves routine. That’s why we usually get up at the same time every day whether we plan to or not. We also have so many decisions we can make during the day. Did you know that? So not having to make so many decisions in the morning allows you to make other decisions.

What my morning routine looks like:

  1. Get up and do my hair and makeup.
  2. Pour myself a hot cup of coffee.
  3. Sit in my favorite spot on our couch and read my favorite devotional.
  4. Answer all emails and messages.
  5. Write a to-do list for the day.
  6. Prioritize the list.
  7. Get the kids breakfast and ready for school.

1, 2, and 3 are for me personally. I notice that if I don’t get up and get “ready” for the day, I am less productive. A hot cup of coffee is huge on my priority list as well, and 3 is something that is just for me. The rest on the list is my morning routine for work.


I do my morning routine whether I am up before my kids or not. Most of the time they wake up while I am answering emails. They are on a routine as well until I finish mine, and it works out great!

Our cortisol levels are also higher in the morning so we should do the things that take more energy in the morning.

Take that time for yourself in the morning, mamas. You need it. I have noticed a HUGE difference in my stress levels and I no longer feel like I am drowning since I’ve started the morning routine.

Originally published April 2019.

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