Lovelace Women’s Hospital’s Virtual Bump to Baby Event

Thank you to Lovelace Health System for sponsoring this blog post. ABQ Mom strives to work with brands we feel would benefit our readers.

Since we cannot meet in person just yet, Lovelace Labor of Love wants to celebrate summer with you, and your bump, in a virtual setting. If your bump has made its way into the world, we welcome him or her with open arms and offer our congratulations! We know it is important to still gain needed information and speak with professionals in the fields affecting you most right now. That is why we have prepared two, special, mini, virtual conference sessions for you that will be hosted on our Facebook page on Saturday, June 26.

Follow our Facebook page @LovelaceHealthSystem, prepare a snack, invite your family and friends from anywhere, and join us!

Session 1:

·       Car seat safety

·       Infant massage

·       Sweet summer recipe

·       Raffle!

Session 2:

·       Pelvic floor health

·       Lactation

·       Face to Face Pediatrics

·       Savory summer recipe

·       Raffle!

  • Just having a car seat is not enough. Kristin, CCHW, CPST, will share pointers on how to assure baby is strapped and snapped into the car seat correctly.
  • Infant massage is a way for you to connect with your baby and promote healthy digestion, provide comfort and more. Eliza, RN, IBCLC will teach us how to gently interact with infants and enjoy the benefits of connecting with your baby through touch.
  • Pelvic floor care is “foundational” (pun intended). Laurie Griffins, PT, will share basics on how important the pelvic region is before, during and after labor and delivery.
  • As a certified Baby-Friendly Hospital ®, we support and advocate your right to breastfeed. Eliza Schmidt, RN, International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBCLC), will touch on the importance of baby’s first food.
  • Face to Face Pediatrics is a pediatric concierge-style direct primary care practice that offers home and virtual visits to Albuquerque and its surrounding areas. Dr. Dionne Ross will discuss her practice and the services they offer. Dr Ross is a Board Certified Pediatrician with experience in ambulatory care, inpatient care and Integrative medicine. She is also a Certified Lactation Consultant (CLC).

We learn every day from our families and want to give back by sharing some of the rich resources in our Lovelace family. Thank you for staying safe.

Please register for this event at and follow our Facebook page @LovelaceHealthSystem.

We cannot wait to see you again for our in-person Bump to Baby event next year.