Packing My Hospital Bag the Second Time Around


With two weeks left until my due date, it’s officially time to pack my hospital bag! I learned from my first labor and delivery what I needed for my stay at the hospital.

Here’s what I’m packing in my go bag the second time around.

Packing My Hospital Bag the Second Time AroundNursing Tanks and Comfortable Pants

I lived in nursing tanks and yoga pants for the first several weeks postpartum. And I will certainly be packing a few tanks and my favorite bottoms for after delivery and the ride home. I have several nursing tanks from Target, and I really like them!


Travel-size toiletries are a must! My favorite shampoo, lotion, essential oils, and toothpaste are packed in travel-size bottles and ready to go. Make sure to pack any of your favorite items that will help you relax after delivery. I really loved having my bottle of favorite essential oil for some aromatherapy.

Protein-Packed Snacks

My daughter was born at 6:30 p.m. By the time we got settled into the recovery room, it was 11 p.m. I was starving! The cafeteria was closed. And even though my husband and I raided the mini-fridge for sandwiches, pudding cups, and pretzels, I wish I had packed something other than trail mix. This time around, I will be sure to fill my bag with more filling snacks like high-protein power bars, beef jerky, apples, and nuts.

Flip Flops and Socks

Flip-flops for the shower and comfy socks for walking around the room will be in my bag again for sure. I was glad I packed a few pairs of warm, fuzzy socks for relaxing in bed after delivery.

Newborn Gowns

Newborn gowns are so convenient! Your baby will be getting lots of routine health screenings and diaper changes in those first hours after delivery. The gowns also have little mittens that will protect your babies’ faces from getting scratched by their tiny fingernails.

What else would you add to the hospital bag checklist? And check out our list of favorite newborn items here.

Originally published June 2017.

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  1. I’ve minimized as much as I could and only planned to pack clothes to bring Baby home in. I think I’ll add a few gowns now! Thanks for the tip.

    • The gowns are great! Makes those diaper changes a little easier and the doctors and nurses don’t have to fool with snaps or buttons when they are doing their check ups and tests 🙂

  2. Honestly, as a nursery nurse, I really don’t like the gowns. They are not as easy to take off as you might think. The hospital provided t-shirts or a simple onesie is easiest.


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