Celebrating Best Friends Day: Cherishing Lifelong Bonds


Best Friends Day is on June 8th, and it’s a special time to celebrate the unique friendships that enrich our lives. It’s a day to honor those friends who stand by us through every high and low, offering unwavering support, honesty, and companionship. Whether they’re childhood friends or work besties, these relationships are essential to our happiness and well-being.

Celebrating Best Friends Day: Cherishing Lifelong BondsA best friend is someone you can turn to at any time, knowing they’ll be there for you. They offer a judgment-free zone and always give straightforward, real advice. I have been lucky to meet many friends throughout my life, but three individuals hold a special place in my heart.

Creesh: My Lifelong Friend

I met my best friend Creesh in the second grade. To this day, she remains an irreplaceable part of my life. Growing up together, we shared so many experiences and similarities–our bond became unbreakable. After high school, our lives took different paths, but our friendship stayed strong. Whether it is supporting each other’s families, celebrating our achievements, or just catching up about our lives, Creesh is always there for me.

With more than 20 years of friendship, Creesh has been a constant in my life. She’s the one I can share my deepest secrets with. She’s written job references to help me get the positions I desire, and she always offers honest, no-nonsense advice. Our friendship is a testament to the enduring power of true connection.

Chels: My High School Bestie

Chels and I met as freshmen in high school and quickly became inseparable. Our bond was built on our shared love for music and our ability to be completely silly together. We navigated the ups and downs of high school life side by side, helping each other with homework and finding ways to make every day fun. We shared our crushes, made up funny nicknames for them, and created countless memories together.

Along with Creesh, we were part of the art club, enjoying annual pumpkin carving nights, field trips to the Gathering of Nations, and countless hangouts at the mall or movie theater. Those days are some of my most cherished memories, filled with laughter and adventure. Chels brought so much joy and excitement into my life during those formative years, and she continues to be a dear friend.

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One of the highlights of our friendship was a girls’ trip to Utah with Creesh and Chels. It was the best trip I’ve ever taken. We sang, danced, hiked, went shopping, played games, cooked dinner together, and stayed up all night talking. That trip was a perfect blend of adventure and bonding, and it remains one of my most cherished memories.

Erica: My Work Bestie

In my adult life, I’ve been fortunate to find a best friend at work named Erica. We hit it off instantly, and despite working together for just a year, it feels like we’ve been friends forever. We vent to each other about work issues, solve problems together, and share our experiences as parents. Whether it’s discussing our kids’ education, planning playdates, or sharing stories about the chaos at home, our conversations always leave me feeling understood and supported.

One of my favorite things about Erica is our mutual excitement over Starbucks runs or grabbing lunch together. It’s these little moments that make our workdays brighter. One of the unique things that bonded us even more was discovering that her grandma used to babysit me when I was in preschool. Realizing this connection made us feel that it’s a small world, and it played a significant role in our fast-growing friendship. Erica is my go-to person for advice and a trusted confidant both inside and outside of work. Having her by my side makes the workday more enjoyable and less stressful, and I’m grateful for her friendship every day.

This year, I plan to celebrate Best Friends Day by showing my appreciation for these incredible friends with small, thoughtful gifts. Even a simple gesture can mean so much and is a great way to acknowledge the profound impact they have had on my life.

Friendships are essential at every stage of life. They provide emotional support, reduce stress, and contribute to our overall well-being. Whether lifelong friends, school friends, or work friends, each offers unique forms of support and companionship. As we celebrate Best Friends Day, let’s take a moment to reflect on the importance of our friendships. Reach out to your best friends, share your appreciation, and celebrate the joy they bring into your life.

Friendships enrich our lives in countless ways, and Best Friends Day is the perfect opportunity to honor and cherish these special bonds.

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