I Just Can’t “Kondo” Right Now :: Accepting My Messy House


I’m vacuuming popcorn kernels and piles of sea salt off my couch. I like my popcorn super salty and buttery. The toddlers got into my bowl while I wasn’t looking and scattered my snack all over the living room.

How many times a day do I vacuum this rug?

I rearrange the pillows on the couch, pick up some blocks, find more popcorn kernels, hide a toy the toddlers are fighting over, and arrange pillows again. I really like my pillows, too. Pillows spark joy.

Sitting down on the couch to rest my pregnant body, I see the mess in the kitchen. It was (kinda) clean five minutes ago! While I was tidying up the living room, the toddlers were making a new mess.

How many times a day do I clean this kitchen?

Sorry, Marie. I just can’t “Kondo” my life right now.

I Just Can't "Kondo" Right Now :: Accepting My Messy House from Albuquerque Moms Blog

One day I will get my act together, Marie. I promise.

When I’m done having babies, I will get rid of my massive maternity wardrobe. Yes, I will pack up the eight pairs of maternity pants, seven flowy tops to hide my belly, six pairs of postpartum leggings, five nursing bras, and all the stained clothing I don’t wear out in public. And I will be so happy for the extra space in my closet!

Dear Marie, I promise to only buy things that spark joy at Target.

Nope, sorry, I can’t keep that promise. The dollar spot is my hobby right now. Because as a stay-at-home mom of two toddlers, I need Target vacations. Some days I need to get out of the house, push my kids around in a cart, look at cute stuff, and drink my coffee.

Sure, I want to throw away all of the toys, Play-Doh, endless books, kitchen utensils that are now kids toys, crayons, and blocks in this house.

But what would my toddlers do while I vacuum the rug?

Originally published February 2019.

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