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Moms work hard. REALLY hard. And there’s one day out of the year that’s dedicated to celebrating all that they do. Mother’s Day is May 14, so the countdown is on. Make it special!

We all know that the kids won’t magically behave all day and shower their mom with appreciation, so it’s up to the significant other (or a friend or family member) to show mom some love.

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The ABQ Mom team has got you covered. We polled our large group of ABQ mamas, and here’s what they REALLY want. Now obviously, each mom is different. The most meaningful gifts are the ones that show that you know your loved one well, so take that into consideration when planning your gift.

Family Photos

Moms love ’em. The rest of the fam usually hates them. Show mom that you love her by donning your nice clothes and cooperating for some photos. Bonus tip: A lot of photographers in town offer Mother’s Day Mini-Sessions!

Time Away

Yep, a lot of us moms want to spend some guilt-free time away from our kids on Mother’s Day. And that’s because we spend all the other days of the year working so hard for our families. Shoo your wife out the door and tell her to enjoy herself with some shopping, a manicure, a pedicure, a massage, a hike, or whatever activity she likes to do. Bonus points if you get her a gift card so she has to use it and doesn’t guilt herself out of doing anything special.

Breakfast in Bed

Always a classic. Make it special with some fresh flowers and a card from the kids.

What Moms Really Want for Mother's DayHouse Cleaning

We all know that the vast majority of domestic tasks fall on moms, and there are so many things we’d rather be doing. Take that burden off her back!

Let Her Sleep In

Moms could really, really use some rest. We are tired. Pro tip: get the kids up and ready and then leave the house so the kiddos don’t sneak up there to wake her.

Charcuterie Board

Order or make one. Have a picnic or a no-cook dinner at home. Moms love a good charcuterie board–we just can’t help ourselves.

A Pot or New Plant

Mother’s Day always rolls around when we all get that itch to spruce up our backyard and start a garden. But plants can be expensive. Buy her a beautiful new plant or send her on her way to pick her own.

Fancy Cup/Tumbler

Stanley or Yeti are both good options. Coffee stays warm, iced tea stays cold. Enough said.


Perhaps cliche, but we still like them. Moms like beautiful things.


Most moms just really want people to notice and appreciate all that they do for their families. It’s a LOT. Consider thanking mom for all the she does and then taking over all her usual chores for the day with the help of the kids.

DIY Gifts from the Kids

We all love a card or painting or something that was made by the kids. This options works best if you can get the project completed when mom isn’t around and make it a surprise!

Personalized Jewelry with Kids’ Name or Birthstones

I know I know, I just said that we want to get away from the kids on Mother’s Day, but we also love them more than words can express and want a personalized reminder of them to wear everywhere we go. Both of those truths can coexist together.

Brunch or Dinner

Pick a place she likes.

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Car Detailing/Cleaning

This idea came to me when I was cleaning taco sauce off the inside windows and upholstery in my car. Moms don’t want to vacuum up goldfish and scrub ketchup off the seats. No one wants to do that.

Relaxation Gear

Comfy socks or sweatpants or a super soft blanket. Maybe a microwaveable heat pack. Does your wife ever get headaches (perhaps from all the sleepless night and screaming children)? This thing looks AMAZING.

Hobby Splurge

Get her something she’d love for one of her hobbies but she doesn’t want to buy herself–new hiking shoes, a fancy kitchen item, art supplies, etc.

There you have it–what moms really want for Mother’s Day courtesy of the ABQ Mom team. You’ve officially been reminded, and you’ve got two weeks to get it done. Ready, set, go!

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