Family Halloween Costume Ideas


It’s October! For us New Mexicans, this means the smell of green chile in the air and hot air balloons filling the sky–of course, also a last-minute panic because we haven’t planned Halloween costumes yet! For those of you last-minute mamas like me, I’ve made a list of family costume ideas to scrap together before trick-or-treating starts. Shout out to all the amazing ABQ Mom contributors for their costume ideas and photos of their beautiful families!

Ideas for Mamas to Be

Dressing the bump is important. After all, this could be your only chance!

  • You could dress as Bro Thor from Guardians of the Galaxy (when he gains weight after Infinity War) and dress your kids up as whatever other characters they loved.
  • Pacha and Chicha from the Emperor’s New Groove. Include the two kids, and if you have a third, they can be a llama!
  • Try Winnie the Pooh for mama and the rest of the Hundred Acre Woods characters for the family.
  • Lastly, cows! Not only can you use your bump as an udder, but you have backup outfits for free Chick-Fil-A day. Check out ABQ mom Dena in her udderly adorable costume.

Family Halloween Costumes

Family Costume Ideas

Woodland Wonderland

This could be any combination of bugs, woodland creatures, fairies, etc. As it is a broad theme, you can use this for any number of people in your family!

Star Wars

With nine movies and an endless supply of television series, there’s no shortage of inspiration. Each member of the family can choose their favorite character and viola! Easy peasy . . . family costume.


You really can’t go wrong with a circus theme. Circuses are full of wacky and fun people and performers, so nothing is really off-limits here. You can even just be food if you really felt like dressing up like a peanut!


The sheer number of characters that belong to Disney means you could probably use any movie for ideas. Whether you’re the main character or supporting cast for your little one, there are lots of ideas for any size family!

Famous Groups

There are some families and groups that everyone will recognize: Dorothy and her band of Oz misfits, the Adams Family, Peter Pan and the lost boys, Scooby-Doo and the gang, Bluey, and any combinations of characters from the Justice League!

Family Halloween Costumes

Family Costume Ideas for Fresh Parents

For those of you who have just welcomed your first bundle of joy, it’s a little harder to plan. But worry not! I’ve got you covered.

  • Dr. Alan Grant and Dr. Ellie Sattler from Jurassic Park with a baby dino. For an almost identical outfit, swap out the dino for a strawberry and you can be Sam and Flint from Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs with little baby Barry.
  • Mike, Sully, and Boo from Monsters, Inc.
  • Two wizards and a baby mandrake from Harry Potter
  • Buttercup, Wesley, and a baby ROUS from Princess Bride
  • Two chefs and a rat from Ratatouille
  • Elliott, Gertie, and baby ET

And when all else fails: Pinterest. Whatever you choose to go as this year, remember that Halloween is supposed to be fun. Your child won’t remember the quality of the costumes or the accuracy of the details. They just want to make memories with you and eat more candy than normally allowed. Check out the ABQ Guide to Halloween to learn about all the local happenings! Have fun this year, and be safe out there!

Originally published October 2021.

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