DIY Tent for Indoor and Outdoor Camping Fun


Summer is in full swing! What is the one thing that comes to mind when you think summer? For some it might be ice cream, swimming, or even the occasional summer vacay. For my family it’s camping or “glamping” for mom. We always wish that we are able to do it more. With crazy work schedules and, well, life . . . we decided to bring the camping to our backyard. I want to show you a super cute and very simple way to bring the outdoors (minus the bugs) to your home with these adorable DIY tents!

DIY Tent for Indoor/Outdoor Camping Fun from Albuquerque Moms Blog

These simple A-Frame tents can be used both indoors and out. We made these for my twins’ Glamping Party and they were a huge hit! These tents would also be darling for a slumber party. The possibilities are endless.

DIY Tent for Indoor/Outdoor Camping Fun from Albuquerque Moms Blog


▪2 yards of fabric (any type will do), we used jersey fabric for breathability

▪2 8 ft 1×2 in wood planks

▪1 15 cm wooden dowel

▪Tools: hand stapler, saw, and drill


  1. Start by cutting the two 8 ft planks in half, so you have four 4 ft pieces. If you purchase from your local hardware store, they can cut the wood for you.
  2. Then drill one hole into each piece the size of your dowel. Drill 4 in from top. Try to make sure the hole is not too big. You want the dowel to fit snuggly without a lot of movement.
  3. Place your fabric over the A-Frame and staple to the bottom of the wooden plank.

Voila! You have a darling DIY tent that’s fully customizable and folds up for easy storing.

Here are some other ideas to make your camping experience shine!

  • Make Frito pie in a bag for a quick outdoor meal.
  • S’mores for the #dessertwin.
  • Add dollar store flashlights or lanterns to create ambiance.
  • Make up funny ghost stories.
  • If indoors, watch a camping movie or cartoon.

Originally published July 2018.

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