Affordable Porch Décor: Valentine’s Day Edition


Cute décor without breaking the bank . . .YES, please! This year I am really focusing on pursuing things that bring me joy. Something that I love, but haven’t done much, is using my creativity to make things.

Getting My Mojo Back

One of my priorities is to sprinkle my creativity around my home without breaking the bank. I love getting on Pinterest and seeing all of the beautiful things people create, but then I look at the price tags and it’s just not realistic.

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I hope this post serves as an inspiration for you to add your special touch anywhere you want! I have always loved crafting and decorating but it doesn’t always turn out perfect on the first try, and sometimes that holds me back from trying new projects. Also, I worry that people are going to dislike it. However, this year I am focusing on things that make me happy and leaving people’s opinions out of it.

So, my first project was to give my front porch a makeover. I want to decorate it for every holiday. Check out these before and after pictures!

Valentine's Day DecorDon’t Break the Bank

I went to the Dollar Tree and found some Valentine’s Day goodies. I spent a total of $15, and I really love the way it turned out! I always find cute seasonal décor there. The quality of the materials is decent considering each item is between one to five dollars.

Another great tip is to repurpose décor throughout the year. As you can see here, the tree is a Christmas tree. However, I put some Valentine’s Day ornaments, and BOOM, now it is a Valentine’s Day tree!

Creating Memories That Last a Lifetime

This space turned out so cute! We even did a little family photo shoot, and I love the pictures.

Affordable Porch Décor: Valentine's Day Edition
Thank you, NM wind for blowing away my standing sign. Totally forgot to put it up again before taking our pictures . . . #realabqmom

Embrace Your Creativity

My hope for you all is to embrace your creativity. Have fun! It’s okay to mess up, and it’s okay if it doesn’t look picture perfect. Remember as long as it brings YOU joy, that is all that should matter. Check out this great post about affordable home décor!

Originally published February 2022.

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