Training for Motherhood with barre3

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If someone would have told me that mothering is an extreme sport before I had children, I would have brushed it off as an exaggeration. However, that’s the exact thought that came to my mind as I did breath work during a barre3 class earlier this week.

Let’s start at the beginning of motherhood for most of us: pregnancy. Really smart scientists studying the endurance limit of humans have found that the body responds to pregnancy in the same way it does when someone runs a marathon. Marathons are hard enough, but us warrior mamas have been through a 40-week marathon finished off with labor. AMAZING!

Next we go through the newly postpartum period: the sleep deprivation, the huge changes in your physical body, and the astronomical mental and emotional changes (thanks, hormones!). I’d like to tell you that once you get out of the baby stage, things get easier, but they don’t. They change and the demands of motherhood continue to require your whole self: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The extremeness of motherhood is why everyone is always touting self-care. If an athlete did not take care of themselves, they wouldn’t be able to perform at the level they need to. The same goes for us. And while bubble baths and spa days are great, my favorite way to “train” for motherhood is exercise!

barre3 Albuquerque

One of the newest places to get your sweat on in Albuquerque is barre3, which just opened their beautiful studio on November 1.

The Albuquerque Moms Blog team and some of our readers recently tried a class. The first thing I noticed when walking in was how bright, peaceful, and clean the studio was. I instantly felt a sense of peace wash over me and I could take a nice, deep breath. Sarah, the owner, gave us a tour of the studio, which includes a play lounge for children. (They have play lounge providers for their 8:30 and 9:45 a.m. classes).

The hour-long class was fun and challenging. Our instructor was encouraging and gave a variety of modifications for each woman to tailor the class to her body’s needs. It’s a great class for pregnant and newly postpartum moms because it is low impact. You’ll still get a great workout in, but without all the joint impact of other fitness classes.

The January Challenge

If you are interested in trying barre3, the new year is a great time. Not because you need to change your body in any way, but because loving yourself is the one resolution we should all have!

barre3’s January Challenge is all about #mypresentruth. Acceptance, mindfulness, and wellness are the focus of this challenge. It’s not about pounds and inches. It’s about how exercise makes your feel. Happy, less stressed, more energy, less aches and pains. While the physical benefits of barre3 are easy to see, I think they are outweighed by the mental benefits. Taking time for yourself and pushing your perceived limits is the real game changer, for life and for motherhood.

I may never complete an Ironman or climb Mt. Everest, but motherhood is just as trying and the stakes are high (3 little humans!!!) The strength and perspective that barre3 can provide mothers is a great way to find self-love and acceptance. In all honesty, those are the things you need most in this crazy, beautiful extreme sport of motherhood.