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One of the best things about running is that it isn’t too hard to get the family involved. Even if you have little ones at home, you can still bring them along in a stroller and get a workout done! A jogging stroller filled with your mini-mes makes a great companion to your workout. But, it can be tricky to find a stroller-friendly running trail. You want to avoid bumpy sidewalks when running fast. And, it isn’t a great idea to take a stroller on grass or dirt if you want a smooth ride.

Thankfully, the Greater Albuquerque area has a wonderful system of stroller-friendly running trails. These trails have made it possible for me to continue to run as a mom! Sometimes, taking the stroller out isn’t easy. Maybe the baby didn’t sleep last night. Possibly, the morning has been rough on everyone. But, with a good paved trail, everyone can get some fresh air and sunshine!

A good amount of these trails are through and around parks. I have found the promise of playtime is a good bribe to get a wriggly toddler to sit still while I run. Depending on the area of town, you will find varying degrees of steep or flat trails. These are all definitely worth checking out if you need to mix things up! 

City Wide Trails

50-Mile Activity Loop: Runners, cyclists, and walkers love the 50-Mile Activity Loop around the city. There are many places to hop on and take advantage of this paved path. The Tramway segment of this paved loop is very stroller friendly, with many long flat stretches. Find out more about the 50-Mile Activity Loop here.

Paseo del Bosque Trail: Another trail that you can begin at different parts of town is the Paseo del Bosque Trail. This multi-use trail has 16 miles of gorgeous paved paths. If you get out early enough, you can play I-Spy with your kids and find all kinds of wildlife, especially geese flying overhead. It’s a great path to take during Balloon Fiesta, as well! Find an access point near you here.

Southwest Albuquerque Trails

Valle Del Bosque Park – Sunset and Sunset Gardens SW: This .75 mile trail has a 10-foot wide concrete path around the park.  

Pat Hurley Park – Yucca Rd. & Central Ave. SW: If you are looking for a park trail with varying degrees of difficulty, this is a great park to check out! Two trails feature concrete paths. There is also a trail with an asphalt surface with a steep grade. The concrete paths travel around playgrounds, benches, and some resting areas and are just over a third of a mile each. The steep path has many resting paths along the 8% grade road. 

Northwest Albuquerque Trails

Redlands Park – Coors Rd & Sequoia Rd NW: Redlands Park Trail is .6 miles around the park. This trail has a 4-foot wide concrete sidewalk. 

Santa Fe Village Park – Unser & Montano NW: This park has two trail loops; a .3 mile loop around the children’s park, and a steeper .7 mile loop around the whole park. Both paths feature a four to six-foot-wide concrete path. 

Northeast Albuquerque Trails

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Academy Hills Park – Juan Tabo & Eubank NE: This one-mile loop is a favorite for many moms! There are a few hills that provide a nice workout. Part of the path is straight along an arroyo. This provides a great place for smooth speed and hill work.

Stardust Skies Park – Pennsylvania St & Bellrose Ave NE: A quaint little park with a nice path and good shade. There are some steep parts of the trail.

Noreste Park Trail – Wyoming & Eagle Rock NE: A half-mile trail with shade trees! This flat trail has a five-foot wide concrete surface. 

Southeast Albuquerque Trails

Roosevelt Park – Coal & University SE: A favorite of the city, this park offers both a flat and steep trail. Keep in mind that you will probably only be able to take the stroller on the northern segment, as the southern is not fully accessible. 

Albuquerque is great at maintaining and improving its park and open space trails. Check out their website for more activity trails near you!

Rio Rancho Trails

Cabezon Park – Cabezon & Trailside Rd: With ample parking and a .63 mile trail, you and your little ones can ride in style, then play after!

King Meadows Park – Rainbow Blvd & King Blvd: This park has two trails; an easy, paved .39 mile path and a slightly challenging .44 mile path.

Visit the City of Rio Rancho website for a list of trails.

Originally published July 2018.

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