Back to School, Back to You :: Taking Time for Yourself (Special Offer Included)


Labor Day Weekend is upon us and it signifies two major mama accomplishments.

  1. We survived summer and all it entails: bored kids, later bedtimes, and chasing children around to reapply sunscreen.
  2. We have officially finished the back to school season. We have shopped for supplies, filled out all the forms, and helped our littles get over their first-day jitters.

You, dear mama, deserve a standing ovation started off by a slow clap! You may also want to celebrate these victories by taking some time for yourself and partake in a little pampering.

Last week, I was able to check out Albuquerque’s newest nail salon, Frenchies Modern Nail Care. They are located right next to an Albuquerque staple, Gee Loretta, and are the most beautiful nail studio I have ever visited.ABQ Frenchies Studio Albuquerque Moms Blog

In the past, I have not been a huge fan of getting my nails done. I was always worried about cleanliness, and I couldn’t stand the harsh chemical smells. Both of these concerns are non-issues at Frenchies Modern Nail Care. They go above and beyond standards and regulations when it comes to hygiene. All non-disposable tools are sterilized in a medical-grade autoclave, which is a pressure chamber that utilizes steam to kill all bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As for the disposable tools, like the files and wood sticks, you get to take them home in a cute little pouch, that is reminiscent of a party favor bag.

As for those harsh chemical smells that used to cause me to leave a pedicure with a headache (totally not relaxing!), you won’t have to suffer through them at Frenchies. Frenchies Modern Nail Care is dedicated to being all natural! They don’t use acrylics in their salon, which smell bad and are really unhealthy for nails. In fact, Frenchies uses natural products that smell amazing from Spinsters Sisters Co. Before my pedicure, the receptionist had me smell four different types of scrubs and choose my favorite. I highly recommend the Lemongrass Sage. They sell all the products they use in-store, so you can continue the pampering at home!ABQ Frenchies Albuquerque Moms Blog

I’ll have to say my favorite part of my experience at Frenchies Modern Nail Care is the atmosphere.

The decor is clean, modern, and visually soothing. It feels like a very high end spa, without the high end prices. I also loved my nail technician, Amanda. She was so nice and we bonded over mom talk, as she has two kids ages six and two.

If you are looking for a way to #treatyoself, I absolutely recommend checking out Frenchies Modern Nail Care. While the pedicure itself was a great way to relax, I’m finding that every time I look down at my pretty little piggies, I get a boost of confidence. Motherhood is so much about appreciating the little things in life. Pretty nails may just be the little thing that brightens your day.

Frenchies Modern Nail Care Albuquerque Moms Blog

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