Cozy Workout Gear and Lounging Favorites to Keep You Warm This Winter


In winter, I have two go-to looks: sporty or relaxed. I want something warm to exercise in because I like to take walks and bike rides year-round. At home, I live in leggings and cozy shirts almost 100% of the time. Because of the pandemic, I currently work from home and manage my kids’ school schedules all day, so comfy-cute is my go-to. I am always on the lookout for stylish clothes that combine comfort with function. Check out some of my favorites for sweating and for staying in.

Cozy Workout Gear and Lounging Favorites to Keep You Warm This WinterWarm Workout Gear Favorites

Fleece-Lined Leggings – Click Here
You might be surprised by how easily the cool air (especially wind!) goes right through a regular pair of leggings. These fleece-lined leggings keep my legs cozy when the temperature drops.

Long-Sleeve Top – Click Here
This is definitely the priciest item on my list. I got one of these shirts a long time ago, and years later it’s still my all-time favorite long-sleeve workout top.

Lightweight Jacket – Click Here
Unless it’s breezy or just REALLY cold, I can usually get away with a long-sleeve shirt and a lightweight jacket. Once I get moving, I warm right up! I like one with thumb-loops so that I can keep my gloved hands tucked inside with no chance for cold air to creep in.

Hat – Click Here
I just got this hat a few weeks ago and it has gotten SO much use already! I LOVE that it has a hole on top to pull my ponytail through. It is so cute and keeps me cozy warm.

Gloves – Click Here
I like a nice lightweight pair of gloves that will do okay in the washing machine because my hands tend to sweat when I exercise. I also love the tech tips, so I can use my phone without having to peel my gloves off first.

Gaiter – Click Here
I got this gaiter years ago, but this year it comes in especially handy since we are supposed to wear face coverings while exercising outdoors. It keeps my nose and chin from turning into icicles when it’s frosty outside.

Cozy Staying In Favorites

Leggings – Click Here
Okay, these are my all-time FAVORITE leggings for a few reasons. 1. Price is on point. 2. They have POCKETS! 3. The material is nice and thick, equaling COZY. I will note that I am tall-ish (5’9″), and these are NOT full-length on me. They have more of a cropped look but I’m fine with that.

Joggers – Click Here
This is not the pair I own (mine are a few years old from Walmart . . . ) but joggers should be a requirement for a day spent hanging at home. These ones look simple and cute and the price is right!

Relaxed Long-Sleeve Top – Click Here
I. LOVE. THIS. SHIRT. I have two different colors/prints in the long-sleeve version. And again with the pockets!

Hooded Long-Sleeve Top – Click Here
I’m sure everyone knows at least one friend who sells LuLaRoe. This is my favorite long-sleeve top from their brand.

Slipper Sock Booties – Click Here
Slippers aren’t just for bedtime. Cozy is the name of the game here. I prefer not to wear shoes in the house, so if I’m hanging around at home and it’s chilly outside, I’m in slippers.

Plush Robe – Click Here
Sometimes when I’m sitting in front of the computer working, I get chilly! As long as I don’t need to look professional for a Zoom meeting, I think a robe is totally fair game any time of day! I got this one at Costco recently, and it is SO soft. Love it.

I hope that you find some of your own cute and cozy pieces to stay warm in this winter! Now, where’s my robe?

Originally published December 2020.

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