All About the Brazilian Wax (Yes, We’re Going There)

This post is part of a sponsored partnership with Waxing the City. We at ABQ Mom choose to work with businesses we feel bring our readers value.

When we hear the words “Brazilian Bikini Wax,” we all probably fit into one of two camps: we either cringe or shout a resounding “heck yeah!” I happen to be on the “heck yeah!” end of the spectrum. Therefore, when the opportunity presented itself to try out a Brazilian at Waxing The City, I was all about it. (You see, I am 7 months pregnant. So shaving my bikini line has become a difficult task.)

So what exactly is a Brazilian wax? Well, it basically means that ALL of the hair from the top of the pubic area to the (ahem) intergluteal cleft is removed. Yes, ALL of it.

Perhaps you have this horrible vision of what a Brazilian entails. You walk into a salon, are taken into a room, told to take your pants off, lie back on a table, and a scary mute lady in a lab coat proceeds to rip massive quantities of hair off of your most sensitive body parts. You are embarrassed, feel like you are being judged or dehumanized, scream in pain, and cry over massive quantities of Tylenol afterwards. Am I close?

This experience cannot be farther from the truth, especially at Waxing the City.

My Cerologist and licensed esthetician, Alicia, was so sweet. At the last minute, I had to bring my 2-year-old with me to my appointment. (Yup, this really happened.) But Alicia made us both comfortable as I settled my daughter in a corner to watch YouTube on my phone. She left me for a few minutes so I could get undressed and get settled with a drape on my lap. When she returned, I was carefully reclined on my back. She even stopped to re-position me later when the baby shifted. We chatted while she went to work, which helped to distract me from any discomfort or anxiety.

waxing the city moms night out

One of the great things about Waxing the City is that instead of applying the wax and removing it with fabric strips, they use a wax that hardens around the hair and doesn’t adhere to your skin. This way when the wax is removed, it just pulls the hair and not your skin.

This process means LESS PAIN and more effective hair removal.

I’m not going to lie and say it doesn’t hurt at all, but honestly, it’s not that bad. I feel it’s safe to assume that the majority of the moms who read this blog have given birth either vaginally or via c-section. If that’s not the case, you’ve at least been kicked in the shins once in your life. A Brazilian at Waxing the City is a cake walk compared to all of those things.

I asked both Alicia and the owner of Waxing The City, Jessica, what they thought the biggest misconceptions about bikini waxing are. They both agreed that a fear of being judged is probably number one. Alicia said that people need to remember that this is what they do all day. They are all well-trained professionals. There is absolutely no judgment involved. They just want to do the best job they can and definitely don’t remember what you looked like undressed once they are done waxing. The entire staff is dedicated to making you feel great about yourself!

I highly recommend Waxing the City for all your waxing needs. The staff is wonderful, the salon is welcoming, and you will have a great experience! I have my next appointment booked already and definitely plan to try some other services in the future!