3 Outfit Ideas for All of Your Holiday Celebrations


It’s time! December is here and so are the holidays. I know that finding the perfect outfit is hard, especially for moms. (In fact, if you want some more general advice, I suggest you read this blog.) If you’ve been struggling to find the perfect outfit for your many outings, look no further. Here are three outfit ideas for all of your holiday celebrations!

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1) Casual

Whether you are running errands or singing Christmas carols, this ensemble will never leave you hanging. Styling some jeans with a festive sweater or blouse will make you feel put together while also remaining functional and comfortable. If you have a longer sweater, fleece-lined leggings are also a comfy and warm option.

3 Outfit Ideas for All of Your Holiday Celebrations

Here are some great places to find some festive sweaters:

  • JCrew
  • Loft
  • Target
  • I also recommend checking out your favorite local thrift store! I have found many treasured holiday items while thrifting.

2) Elevated

This look is great for an office party, church, or date night! Pairing a midi skirt or dress pants with a sweater or blouse is easier than it seems. Here’s a trick–pick one neutral and one color. You can wear flats, booties, or heels! It’s very versatile. I have personally worn this variation multiple times and it’s never let me down!

3 Outfit Ideas for All of Your Holiday Celebrations

Where to find cute midi skirts:

3) Dressy

Ok, think sequins. That’s a really easy way to dress up any outfit. Pants, a sequin top, and a blazer are a power outfit as well as a great option for a formal event. Try any form of sequins: skirt, top, or even a whole dress full of sequins! Most clothing that incorporates sequins into their designs these days is very comfortable. This dress I’m wearing below is very comfy! But if you’re not a fan of sequins, wearing any shiny dress that has embellishments, or even a solid color, will make you look dressed up!

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3 Outfit Ideas for All of Your Holiday Celebrations

Where to find some holiday dresses:

And last but not least, I think that we should talk about accessories! I’m a big fan of themed jewelry because it’s a simple way to add some yuletide fun to any outfit. Here are some of my favorite places to find holiday and sparkly jewelry:

I want to leave you all with this: if you are stressed out by all of the holiday magic that you are in charge of this year, you don’t have to dress up or buy anything new. This time of year is supposed to be fun! Choose what is most important to you. You will look great no matter what. Your children will love you and remember that you spent time with them.

I wish you all a Merry Everything and a Happy Always!

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