Brittany Espinoza

Brittany is a lifelong resident of New Mexico and has a passion for creating a thriving community, while supporting local businesses. She is married to her husband, Jason, and has three wonderfully wild children and a cute mutt name Tino. Recently, her family moved to 4.5 acres in Sandia Park, where they enjoy hiking, watching the mountain wildlife, and hanging out at the Little League fields. In addition to being the sales director for ABQ Mom, Brittany also owns a government affairs and management consulting firm.
Internet Essentials Learning Center from Comcast.

Finding the Magic of Back-to-School with the Internet Essentials Learning Center

A fresh new school year is filled with excitement and anticipation. While this school year is nothing like one's from the past, I still want it to be magical. I want to see the...

Helping Your Kid Find Independence & Confidence with Skiddies

One of the most bittersweet aspects of motherhood is when your sweet little babies start to become independent toddlers and preschoolers. Everything becomes "I can do it" or "by myself," which is a nice...

Family Movie Showdown Presented by Xfinity

One of my favorite childhood memories is cuddling under a cozy blanket in the fort I just built out of couch cushions with my mom, dad, and sister while shoveling tiny handfuls of popcorn...

Finding A Happy Middle When It Comes to Screen Time In Your House

Raise your hand if your family’s screen time has gone up since mid-March? No shame mamas! This past spring, everything turned virtual--school, birthday parties, playdates, and your yoga class. Screen time became an essential...

Get Kindergarten Ready with Summer Learning Path

Kindergarten Ready? The global pandemic has caused many milestones to be canceled or changed: weddings, parties, and graduations. This includes the most adorable of all graduations, the sweet preschool graduation where children transition to “big...
Blake's chicken sandwiches

A Local Favorite’s New Addition to Kick Off Summer

If you’re like us, sometimes you just need a quick one-stop meal that will keep the whole family happy, from picky toddlers to hangry teenagers. There’s nothing like a chicken sandwich to fit that...

Virtual Open Houses and Admission Events

It's now been over 8 weeks since schools in New Mexico closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Not only did this disrupt this school year, but springtime is also when many families make decisions...
mother's day gift guide

ABQ Mom Approved Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother's Day this year is going to be unlike any other! With all of us encouraged to stay at home as much as possible and many stores closed, we at ABQ Mom wanted to...
family style takeout, ABQ, Albuquerque, restaurants

ABQ Mom’s Guide to Family Style Takeout Options

Tired of cooking yet? Yeah, me too! The Covid 19 pandemic has had a huge impact on the way most families are enjoying our amazing local restaurants. A few local favorites have begun offering...
ABQ Moms Guide to Obscure, Fun Holidays in April

ABQ Mom Guide to Obscure, Fun Holidays in April

As each day goes by, it's becoming more and more likely that we are staying at home for all of April. No school, no enrichment activities, no community events. Just home. If you are an...

Supporting Local Businesses Free Guide

As many families have taken indoors and begun to seek advice online during New Mexico's current stay at home directive, Albuquerque Moms Blog has continued to prove ourselves as a true and undeniable resource...

Training for Motherhood with barre3

If someone would have told me that mothering is an extreme sport before I had children, I would have brushed it off as an exaggeration. However, that’s the exact thought that came to my...

Take a Trip Around the World without Leaving ABQ :: Global Fiesta September 21

Imagine travelling and experiencing captivating cultures from around the world. The language, the art, the music, the people. It sounds dreamy right? Now imagine doing that with children. Still dreamy, but travelling with children...

Guide to Albuquerque Area Photographers

Nothing will ever be exactly as it is right now again. That's why the investment of photography is so important. Are you looking for a local photographer to capture your beautiful growing family? Perhaps...