Helping Your Kid Find Independence & Confidence with Skiddies

This post is brought to you by Skiddies. We at ABQ Mom choose to work with businesses we feel bring value to our readers.

One of the most bittersweet aspects of motherhood is when your sweet little babies start to become independent toddlers and preschoolers. Everything becomes “I can do it” or “by myself,” which is a nice load off your shoulders, but sometimes this new found independence causes new to-dos for mom.

Take potty training for example . . .

Maybe I was naive (wait . . . I was definitely naive) when I thought that potty training was a two-week period of teaching and then BAM, no more potty worries. Oh the things we imagine parenting to be before we are parents, am I right?

In reality, potty training is years of work. Once your little ones know when and where to go, then comes the very long stage of “Mom, can you wipe my bottom?” I know I’m not the only mama that has dealt with a tantrum in a Target bathroom because you have to toss the beloved character undies because Mr. “By Myself” is still working on wiping accuracy.

Thankfully now, I know about Skiddies, a genius invention for families with children who are too independent for pull-ups, but need some extra confidence when it comes to keeping those big kid undies clean. Skiddies are a soft, super thin 100% cotton sheet that kids cannot feel. The adhesive that holds them in place is FDA approved and will keep the Skiddies secure all day long.

Parents all over are raving about Skiddies for the independence it provides their children and helping children accelerate out of the “can you wipe me” phase that we all dread. If you want to give them a try, Skiddies is offering one FREE trial pack per family (CLICK HERE).

Here’s what parents from around the country have to say about Skiddies.

We love your product!!! This is a game-changer for my son! He leaks and he’s 7 years old! With Skiddies, he doesn’t have to wear pull ups now. These allow him to wear real underwear without bulk or noise from pull ups. I prepare beforehand and put them in his underwear drawer and he gets them out like “normal.”  He now even gets to stay nights with a friend with this kind of freedom. It makes playing sports much more comfortable. His confidence has risen! Thank you! Gift from Heaven!!!!
I got these for my 4 year old that leaks small amounts of poop a few times a day. Until now, we’ve been using panty liners because she refuses to wear pull-ups. Now we’ve found Skiddies! They cover a wider area and the thinness of the fabric makes it so she doesn’t even notice.