Getting Away From It All: How a Staycation Can Save Your Sanity

The following post is part of a sponsored partnership with Tamaya Resort. It is important to us that we partner with local businesses we feel bring value to our readers. All of the opinions expressed are our own.

Imagine driving your squirmy kids to the airport. Waiting in security check-point lines whilst wondering which of your over-priced bath products you’ll have to leave behind because they aren’t in FAA approved containers. A day of grueling travel. Keeping track of a dozen pieces of luggage.  You’re bored, energetic children on board a three hour flight…just to relax for a few days at a resort. 

Ahhh, Tamaya…

Now instead, imagine a short, thirty minute drive North on I-25 to Bernalillo. Instead of security lines, picture a room key in one hand and a cold margarita in the other. And, those squirmy, energetic children of yours? Instantly pacified with strawberry, alcohol free margaritas. The whole family is now in vacation mode.

As soon as you walk in to Tamaya Resort, you will be awed at the inviting view from the “living room,” the cozy chairs surrounding two large fireplaces, and the soft smell of piñon.

The rooms are lovview from Tamaya-Albuquerque Moms Blogely and remarkably quiet. In case you don’t know about my obsession with food: any place that provides chips and salsa upon arrival along with milk and cookies (were those supposed to be just for the kids?) is my kind of place!

Our first evening at Tamaya, we dined on salmon and red-chile tofu at the Santa Ana Cafe. The delicious dinner was followed by s’mores in the outdoor fire pit. Hands gooey from our fun dessert, we returned to our room to don swimsuits and enjoy the cool New Mexico evening relaxing in the outdoor hot tub. 

After a hearty breakfast burrito and several hot cups of coffee, we made our way to the bike rental shop the next morning. There are a variety of bikes to check out: training wheels for those still learning to ride and even trailers for kiddos who aren’t riding yet. 

For my daughter, Haven, the highlight of our trip was the Stables at Tamaya whereupon she met Julie. Julie is a volunteer at the Stables. She spent the better part of an hour introducing us to the rescue horses, the mischievous goats, and my personal favorite, Eeyore, the donkey. The Stables offer trail rides through the bosque if you like to take in your scenery while sitting atop a well behaved horse.

After the stables, we rode our bicycles back to the resort just in time to catch a bit of a Tribal dance performance. We didn’t have time to make it to the Pueblo Bread Baking, but it smelled amazing! Another couple with small children assured us the bread was delicious and the activity was great.

Tamaya offers a myriad of activities for all ages including Wine & Watercolor classes, nature walks, painting, hat decorating for little ones, and even archery. 

We signed the girls up for the Culture and Clay class, taught by a local member of the Santa Ana tribe. He helped the girls create pinch pots and also provided a short history lesson on pottery making among the various New Mexico tribes. clay and culture- Albuquerque Moms Blog

After trying our hand at pottery making, it was time to finish off the cookies.  Then, we headed to the heated outdoor pool.

Our family happens to enjoy fitting in as many activities as possible when we vacation. At Tamaya you can play golf, explore nature trails, ride bikes, hit the gym, or attend numerous onsite classes. Alternatively, you can spend your day at the spa or reading a book in front of the fire. 

We wrapped our final evening up with two cocktails from the lounge and a kid-friendly movie in the ballroom. 

If you want need a couple of days or even a whole week off from dishes and making beds, try out Tamaya Resort. Not sure how to keep the kids entertained during Spring or Summer Break? How about a water slide and three swimming pools? Need I say more?