Our Team’s Top Ten Favorite Newborn Items


Oh, that precious newborn time with those sweet baby cuddles and the impossible-to-replicate perfect smelling head. But we know those newborn days aren’t all bliss. We also can’t forget those sleepless nights and poo explosions.

And don’t forget all the STUFF. Why does it seem that the smallest humans need the most stuff? Or do they?

Our Team's Top Ten Favorite Newborn ItemsMaybe that list of baby items could be paired down a bit. Our team put our heads together, and here’s our list of the essential newborn items.

ABQ Mom Team’s Newborn Essentials

Solly Wrap

Our team is a big fan of the silky soft and lightweight Solly Wrap. We frequently update our baby recommendations, and the Solly wrap is mentioned time and time again. I think we all agree that a quality baby carrier is high up on the list of necessary baby gear. Keeping baby close is so important. And when you’re wearing baby, you can use your arms. Win win!

Small Transportable Changing Table

Taylor loves this table and uses it every day. She points out that in most two-story homes, the changing table is upstairs in a bedroom while the baby spends most of his/her time downstairs! It make the constant task of changing diapers just a bit more easy.

Butt Spatula

This one might seem a little unconventional. However, multiple ABQ Mom contributors say it’s a must-have. The butt spatula allows you to apply diaper creams without getting it all over your hands or under your fingernails.

Elvie Portable Breast Pump

If you need to pump, Erin recommends the Elvie Portable Breast Pump. It’s silent, can be worn inside a bra, and best of all, hands-free!

Amma Cocoon Nursing Cover

If you feel more comfortable nursing in public with some coverage, Ariel recommends the Amma Cocoon. It’s stylish and made of a knit material for breathability.

Letsfit White Noise Machine

Marybeth, Angelica, Ariel, and Andy all recommend a sound machine. We like the Letsfit White Noise Machine because of its affordability and its soft nightlight.

Diaper Rash Cream

Those darling newborns, they sure do poop frequently! And this can lead to some skin irritation. Paige swears that Desitin is the most effective diaper rash cream, and Liz recommends A&D Ointment to quickly clear up rashes.

Sleepers with Two-Way Zippers

Why didn’t someone think of this brilliant idea sooner? These sleepers can zip from the foot up, so you don’t have to completely undress the baby to change their diaper at night.

Nested Bean Wrap

Erin recommends the Nested Bean or some kind of velcro swaddle. It prevents babies from waking up due to their startle reflex, and it’s SO much easier than trying to swaddle the old fashioned way in the middle of the night.

Baby Bath Visor

Perhaps an unconventional choice, but Eena swears by these baby bath visors. They keep soap and water out of baby’s eyes, making the bath a much more pleasant experience for all. She still uses them with her 5 year old!

We’d love to know what items you think are newborn essentials. Let us know in the comments!

Originally published January 2021. Updated January 2023.

The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author. They do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of ABQ Mom, its executive team, other contributors to the site, its sponsors or partners, or any organizations the aforementioned might be affiliated with.

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