Marybeth Lobato

Marybeth is an Albuquerque native who has been married to her husband, Jacob, since September 2018. They lived in Roswell, NM for the majority of their relationship and moved back to Albuquerque in December 2021. Together, they are parents to two beautiful children. Her daughter Ava passed away shortly after she was born in 2019. She gave birth to her son Carson in 2020. Marybeth is passionate about helping other parents who have lost babies. Marybeth enjoys coffee, matcha, a good book, white wine, and all the pizza. She can often be found with her family at a baseball game, a great Taco Tuesday, or a brewery. Follow Marybeth on Instagram.

Resources and Organizations for Kids with Disabilities in Albuquerque

A strong support system is so important for anyone. Some benefits include higher levels of well-being, better coping skills, and a longer, healthier life. This support is especially important to families who have a...

Early Intervention for Children in the Albuquerque Area

If you are concerned about your child's development, early intervention is so important. There are many organizations and resources that can help diagnose and support your child from an early age. Early intervention can...

Sensory-Friendly Family Activities in Albuquerque

It's always fun to spend time as a family. Whether that be outdoors, exploring something new, or finding ways to be creative. It's even more fun when you are doing activities that everyone can...

Schools for Kids with Differences and Disabilities in the Albuquerque Area

Students with learning disorders or other disabilities may have a hard time learning and adapting to a traditional style of schooling. Specific schools exist to help these students get a quality education in an...

Sports for Kids with Differences and Disabilities in the Albuquerque Area

Sports and physical activity are such an important part of growing up. They help kids develop social skills, teach the value and importance of teamwork, help with self-confidence, and so much more. Sports also...

Guide to May in Albuquerque

May is here! Spring is in full swing and local happenings are too. We are sure to have something for everyone in this month's guide. Check out what's going on in May. Thank you to...

Guide to Pools and Splashpads in the Albuquerque Area

As temperatures rise and the end of the school year approaches, pools and splash pads will be making their debut, and just in time to cool us in the summer heat. Pack up the...
albuquerque ice cream

Guide to Ice Cream and Frozen Treats in the Albuquerque Area

Whether it's scooped, blended, frozen, or rolled, there is a size, shape, and flavor of ice cream perfect for everyone. Cool off and check out our complete list of all Albuquerque has to offer...

Guide to Summer Movies for Kids in the Albuquerque Area

Grabbing some popcorn, candy, and watching a movie is a family past time we will never tire of. As summer rolls around, most theaters in Albuquerque have something to offer for kids to get...

Guide to Summer Concerts in the Albuquerque Area

Summer is for relaxing and taking a break during some of the year's warmest months. The music scene in Albuquerque is sure to have something to accompany whatever adventures await. Thank you to Manzano Day...

Guide to Swim Lessons in the Albuquerque Area

Summer and the rising temperatures have arrived. If you are like us and only own an impulse-buy inflatable pool, visiting the local pool is sure to be part of your weekly routine. While cooling...
Dear Pregnant Friend :: A Letter From a Loss Mom

Dear Pregnant Friend :: A Letter from a Loss Mom

***********   TRIGGER WARNING: This post discusses infant loss and grief.   *********** Dear Pregnant Friend, First of all, you need to know this: I love you. And I love your baby. Already. More than you know. I...

Pop-Up Egg Hunts :: Surprise Egg Hunts Every Day

With Easter right around the corner, ABQ Mom is excited to offer Pop-Up Egg Hunts April 3-6. Here's how it will work It's hard to believe that Easter is almost here! For my family, it...
Guide to April

Guide to April in Albuquerque

Is anyone else having a hard time believing that it's already April? April feels like the unofficial start to spring, a fresh start, a clean slate, and Easter time! I don't know about you,...