Hannah Bell

Hannah is a Northern New Mexico native and now calls Albuquerque home. She married her law school sweetheart and together they have two young boys who keep her busy. Hannah loves cooking and finding connections through food. After practicing law for several years, she accidentally found her passion as a financial coach and finds great meaning in helping others cultivate mindfulness around money. She is thrilled to be part of a community of moms sharing insights and enthusiasm.
Teaching Our Children About Money

3 Tips for Teaching Our Children About Money

Our two-year-old loves going to Target. For a while, he would put his shoes on, run to the front door, and say, "Go to Target!". He remembers how to find the toy section and...
Comfortable Car Ride in Summer Heat

5 Tips for a Comfortable Car Ride in the Summer Heat

As parents, we frequently worry about hot cars in the summer months. There are the frightening headlines depicting the dangers of car temperatures. But, a less frequent topic is making a comfortable car ride...
Financial Wellness :: 8 Steps Learned From a Children's Book

Financial Wellness :: 8 Steps Learned From a Children’s Book

A favorite book on our family's bookshelf is The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle. You probably know how it goes: The spider lands on a fence post and begins to spin her web....