Felicia Duran

Felicia was born and raised in Bernalillo, New Mexico. She has 3 children with a vast age difference (2003, 2010, and 2022) who are all so sweet and fun in their own ways. Working in the healthcare industry, she knew she found a great match with her boyfriend who is a police officer. Together they share the same values and passion for helping others. She loves tattoos, reading, painting, crafting, and pizza. She’s stoked to share raw and real experiences and can’t wait to continue her contributions to the community in a new capacity with ABQ Mom.
Motherhood Is a Sport

Motherhood Is a Sport :: My Team Rules

Have you ever played a sport and thought, "Man, I think I'm getting good at this!" Or how about, "I'm so tired I don't want to show up to practice"? You are not alone....