Andy Gibson

Andy is a Realtor and SAHM who is wife to Kyle and mom to Jolene (2019) and Oakley (2021). Originally from the Toronto area, Andy met her husband in South Korea while teaching abroad in 2013. In June 2018, her family moved to Albuquerque for her husband’s job as an air traffic controller. Andy loves spending time with her local mom group and is passionate about real estate. She has adjusted well to desert life and adores the amazing weather, kind people, and delicious food of New Mexico. She likes home projects, yoga, crafting, and creating activities for her kids. You can follow her on Instagram for all her inventive ideas and updates on mom life.
Living Far From Family

Living Far From Family: My Tips

When I moved away from my family 10 years ago, I didn’t just move down the street, I moved to another country. As a single 25-year-old with minimal responsibilities, I didn’t consider how that...

5 Messy Play Ideas My Toddler Loved

Toddler parenting is a constant challenge. Whether it's getting them to eat, getting them dressed, or keeping them entertained for more than five minutes, it never seems to end! Over the past six months, I...
Moving Guide: Albuquerque's Westside

Albuquerque Moving Guide: Westside

When we moved to Albuquerque over five years ago, we started house hunting right away. Our Airbnb was booked for only two months, so we had a short window of time to find the perfect...
The Struggle of Sharing My Baby

How I Learned to Share My Baby with Family & Love It

When my husband and I decided it was time to take the plunge into parenthood, we were focused solely on the excitement of our future offspring. How thrilling to have this adorable, miniature version...
5 Ways I've Made Money As A Stay-At-Home Mom

5 Ways I’ve Made Money as a Stay-At-Home Mom

My stay-at-home-mom journey began in February 2019 when we welcomed our first daughter, Jolene. I had worked many different jobs full-time for as long as I could remember and was ready to embrace the...
unicorn baby

I Had A Unicorn Baby . . . And Then I Didn’t

My first pregnancy was bliss. No sickness, pain, or discomfort. I went on with my life as it was, working as a teacher and enjoying our new home in Albuquerque. As I approached my due...